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SpruceUp 2015 is Coming 5/9

BS Middle School Students at SpruceUp 2012

This year, SpruceUp is back and we want to build on last years success by making it even bigger!  On May 9th, the Bay Shore Beautification Society will be holding the Fourth Annual SpruceUp event, bringing together the entire community to improve our quality of life and ignite the spirit of service in the way that only Bay Shore can.

If you’re ready to be a part of something big, please click here to join us for SpruceUp 2015.

Want to know more about Spruce Up?  Check out our About Page. 

Want to learn about some of the major accomplishments from the first SpruceUp?  Check out this article  And Check out what happened at SpruceUp 2013!

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SpruceUp 2013 Wrap-Up


Following the great success of the first SpruceUp Bay Shore, SpruceUp 2013 was just another example of the dedication of the members of the Bay Shore-Brightwaters community!  Over 200 volunteers came out to work on projects large and small on the morning of April 27th, and the impact on our public spaces was huge.  Here is a list of some of the projects completed on that day:

Friends of the Manor Garden at Sagtikos Manor did a number of improvements to the Historic Walled Garden at the Manor.

The Bay Shore Lions Club mowed, weeded and mulched the park at the intersection of Brook Ave. and Reddington.

The Bay Shore Train Station parking lots were SprucedUp by numerous volunteers, members of the Calvary Baptist Church, and the Town of Islip, by sweeping the lots, clearing the garden beds of litter and debris, and trimming overgrown plants and shrubs.  Volunteers also cleaned graffiti that was found on several surfaces around the station.

Dr. King’s Bandshell Park on Main Street was cleaned up, weeded and trimmed by numerous volunteers.  They also spread out onto Main Street and cleaned litter that had accumulated under the street trees.    Graffiti was cleaned from signs and lampposts along Main Street.

Cali O’Brien and her team of volunteers rehabilitated forgotten planters along the waterfront on Gibson Street behind the Bandshell. They not only donated their time to this project, they donated lots of beautiful flowers, soil and fertilizer to make this beautiful area really shine once again.

Jeff De Petro and the Islip Democratic Committee cleaned the garden beds, picked up litter, and planted some flowers at the Long Island GLBT Center on Park Avenue.

The Bay Shore Garden Club did spring cleaning at the beautiful Community Reflection Garden on Main Street.

National Grid hosted a huge rehabilitation event at the Bay Shore Marina, with over 100 National Grid employees coming out to make-over our Marina which had suffered so greatly during Hurricane Sandy.  Decorative nautical pilings were added around public walkways, large planting beds were built, and in ground sprinklers were installed to accommodate over 4,000 plants, shrubs and grasses planted by the volunteers.

National Grid also made improvements to its properties on Union Blvd at Fifth Avenue by setting back the fence further from the road to allow more green space.  Grass is already growing and the newly planted trees are in bloom!

A group of volunteers from AmeriCorps FEMACorps — coming from as far away as Washington State — joined us to clear away some of the litter build-up that accumulates along Sunrise Highway.

Holly Ram lead a group of Bay Shore student athletes and coaches in a litter patrol along Third Avenue.  They even raked the front yard of an elderly resident who was unable to do so herself.  Truly a great effort!

Mr. Greg D’Antoni lead the Bay Shore Middle School Young Naturalists Club in an ambitious project along Fourth Avenue, revealing the decorative brick along the roadside which had been hidden by years of weed overgrowth.  It was a lot of work, but the transformation was incredible!

Dozens of residents of South Saxon lead by Doris Kennedy cleaned up the public beach at the end of their street, which was severely damaged during Hurricane Sandy.  Their commitment and hard work is amazing, and their beach is looking fantastic.

Tina Petit of Once Upon a Garden weeded out the high-maintenance Union Blvd Medians that she rehabilitated and planted during last year’s SpruceUp.

Greg Proce and his team from Sit Back and Relax Landscaping, along with his crew-members, cleaned some severely overgrown areas along Union Blvd, and did a spring-cleaning of the Bay Shore Road Traffic Island in front of the Peter Pan Diner.

Jeffrey Peterkin continued to improve the entry to the Oakwood Park neighborhood that he began during last year’s SpruceUp event.

Residents of Abrew Street came together to continue their fight to reclaim the overgrown portions of their block.  They also did a spring cleaning of the garden beds they created and planted at the neighborhood entry during last year’s SpruceUp.

The Bay Shore Historical Society has begun a series of repairs on the front porches at the c. 1820′s Gibson-Mack-Holt House.

A Letter of Thanks


When we cooked up the idea for SpruceUp Bay Shore around a kitchen table in March of 2012, it was hard to believe that two years later, our little project would have accomplished so much.  To date, SpruceUp Bay Shore events have involved over 500 volunteers, giving back their time to make their community a better place to live and work, completing over 45 public service projects.

The amazing work done by these individuals is a reflection of their character and spirit, and has reaffirmed that we are surrounded by a community full of amazing people who truly care about the well-being of others, and the success of Bay Shore.

Because of you, our goals have been exceeded beyond our imagination.  It has been an overwhelming experience witnessing the generosity of our friends, and neighbors.  We thank you for your efforts, and your commitment to the community we share.

With sincere thanks,

The Bay Shore Beautification Society

What is SpruceUp Bay Shore?

Bandshell Park

SpruceUp Bay Shore is an annual community clean-up event organized by the non-profit Bay Shore Beautification Society.  By bringing volunteers, service groups, businesses and local government together, SpruceUp seeks not only to improve the quality of life in the Bay Shore-Brightwaters community, but also to provide ample opportunity for people to get involved in service projects.

Each year, Beautification will plan pre-selected volunteer projects, such as the Train Station and Main Street cleanups.  In addition, we encourage groups of friends and neighbors to create their own projects where they see a need.  For example, a neighborhood litter patrol, or an area garden installation.  We’re also thrilled to have our local business owners join in the spirit of SpruceUp by completing a project that enhances the appearance of their business or property.  Every project counts and makes a difference, no matter how big or small!

During the first event in 2012, residents, neighbors, businesses, landscapers, service organizations and students showed up in full force–over 250 strong–to weed, clip, trim, sweep, paint, clean, plant, dig and clean!  In one day, over 20 major community service projects were completed by these incredible volunteers.

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SpruceUp 2012 a Major Success

Volunteers clean the gardens in Dr. Kings Park on Main Street during SpruceUp Bay Shore 2012

The First Annual SpruceUp Bay Shore was a huge success, thanks to the many volunteers who came out to give our community its spring cleaning!

Residents, neighbors, businesses, landscapers, service organizations and students showed up in full force–over 250 strong–to weed, clip, trim, sweep, paint, clean, plant, dig and clean!

Here are just some of the amazing projects completed during SpruceUp 2012:

-The Reflection Garden on Main Street was weeded and cleaned by members of the Bay Shore Garden Club

-The Train Station property was weeded, trimmed and cleaned by the National Service Honor Society, Bay Shore Girls’ Lacrosse and Track Teams, and community volunteers. 

-The garden beds at the Long Island GLBT Center on Park Avenue were cleared of weeds, trimmed, and planted with new flowers by a team of volunteers lead by Jeffrey De Petro

-The Neighborhood Entry Garden at Abrew and Brook was reclaimed by area neighbors, the Service Honor Society, with help from the Town of Islip Department of Public Works.

-Main Street was cleaned of litter; tree surrounds were weeded and cleaned, and graffiti was removed by members of the Service Honor Society as well as community volunteers.

-Dr King’s Park on Main Street (The Bandshell) received a thorough weeding and mulching by the Service Honor Society and the girls’ Lacrosse and Track teams.

-Drew Patrick Spa created new gardens around their business on Main Street and re-paved their parking area for a fresh appearance.

-A pedestrian plaza on Park Avenue was weeded, swept and cleaned of graffiti by the Service Honor Society

-Overgrown areas on Fifth Avenue, Union Boulevard, and many other roadway medians around town were trimmed and cleaned by Sit Back and Relax Landscaping.

-Medians at Windsor and Union were weeded and planted with new landscaping by Once Upon a Garden

-Areas along Union Boulevard in West Bay Shore were cut and cleaned by landscapers Greg Proce, Tom Piccirelli and Mike Falconer

-The open space and medians near Bay Shore High School were dramatically cleaned up and landscaped by the Bay Shore High School grounds crew, volunteers and students. 

-First Baptist Church members joined together to clean up and beautify the grounds of their church.

-Sagtikos Manor and its lovely grounds received a spring cleaning by the Friends of the Manor Gardens organization.

-The Gibson Mack Holt House had many improvements completed including new fencing and signage by the Bay Shore Historical Society.

-The owner and staff of the Long Island Eagle completed many improvements to its facade and property.

-Neighbors in Brightwaters Farms and South Penataquit organized litter patrols, led by Holly Ram and Julia Fleischer.

-A new neighborhood entry garden was completed in the Oakwood Park area by volunteer Jeffrey Peterkin

-The Gardens and Grounds at the Bay Shore Middle School were cleaned up and cleared of litter by the Bay Shore Middle School Pride Patrol.

-Graffiti was cleaned up from public spaces and over 16 major corridors all over Bay Shore by Citysolve, and paid for by Bay Shore Beautification Society. 

-The Bay Shore Fire Department cleaned up and trimmed medians around the Fifth Avenue Fire House.

-The Town of Islip literally cleared the way for new gardens to be installed at the Bay Shore Train Station by removing the old, overgrown landscaping.

-National Grid completed the installation of beautiful gardens on their property at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Union Blvd.